AIMPages is F-ing Hot!

Holy cow… this is gonna be a hit!

We may not have the best email, calendar or IM client any more (trust me, I’m furious about that and I’m working on it), but we have the best social networking software anywhere–hands down!

This thing is amazing. You can drag and drop RSS feeds, Flickr, Delicious, etc. Who would have ever thought that AOL could build such an amazing open platform!??!!? (I knew they would… but I’m on the inside and see the massive excitement around our new products).

You can use your AIM name or AOL login… or create a new one. Act now before all the good useraccounts are gone!!!

How on earth could TechCrunch not love this? It’s much better than MySpace’s page creator… and it’s the most open platform ever created by one of the large portals. Hello??!?!?!

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