TechCrunch on Squidoo

TechCrunch doesn’t see how Squidoo will ever work:

The best lenses are generating $30 or so a month for the lensmaster. A true expert on a topic could generate many, many times that number by creating a blog, along with some static content, and putting up simple Google adsense ads. So top content producers are not going to be heading to Squidoo for the money, ever (Squidoo’s model is set up in such a way that they could never make as much money from a lens as they could on their own). And besides, the blog format just works better for experts – fresh content generates lots of links, which equals traffic and search engine juice.

I came to the same conclusion back in March:

I think it’s not gonna work as it is structured today because there will be too many “experts” in each vertical, and the truth is that most folks are not really experts. Less is more. No one on Squidoo will do a better job covering gadgets than Engadget, stocks than, or Hollywood gossip than Defamer. Real experts command real money, contingent money draws the weak experts.

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