Update: Seems like the issue of can bloggers hold stocks is generating some buzz. This is blogging, so of course the bloggers can hold stocks *provided* they disclose what they are doing, obey all the SEC rules, and don’t trade on inside information/tips. Of course, that should be obvious to everyone right? Like… don’t break the law! Hello!??! Here is the code of conduct. (Note: We do cover Insider Bloggers of course. 🙂
Update2: In terms of traffic it seems the AOL integration and the WIN promotion is going to push this to a 30k page a day blog from the start. It used to take us six to 12 months to get to that level. You can watch the traffic at the site meter.
Update3: You can see the bloggingstocks integration on AOL pages when you do a search for a ticker that we have a blog on. Now we just have to get our posts listed on Google and Yahoo finance.
Update4: Some press on BloggingStocks from CNN, BusinessWeek, WSJ, Performancing, eWeek, PR on BusinessWire, WebPronews, and IFN. (if you see any other press please post it in the comments).

We’ve wanted to do a finance-related blog since the day we started Weblogs, Inc.

The AOL Money & Finance team has been dying to get into blogs.

So, we decided to launch the BloggingStocks Network together. Today we launch the top eight most widely held stocks by AOL members (i.e. what they have in their portfolios), and we plan on launch a couple more in the coming months.
Two things you’ll notice about this:

1. It’s branded AOL.
2. It’s highly integrated into AOL’s stock quotes (the integration lights up sometime tomorrow).

This is the most exciting and integrated product we’ve done to date. Having our bloggers plugged into the AOL traffic and advertising machine is gonna be huge. In fact, my guess is bloggingstocks will become our largest and most profitable blog over the next year (finance is the best advertising category on the web). Any questions/ideas/thoughts/comments? Like everything we do, it’s a work progress.

The first eight blogs are: ( <– a really great company 🙂

You can also have these rolled up into one big blog at of course.

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