MYSpace page view goosing…

I’ve been telling folks this for a couple of months–MySpace isbrilliantly/evilly designedto generate a ton of page views. The result of making a ton of extraneouspages is that you have gap between what you make in advertising and what otherfolks make off their pages. Advertisers are not stupid, they know/figure outthat the page views that their paying for and the clicks their getting don’tmatch and the CPM rates drop (or never go up in the case of MySpace).

Of course, at the end of the day they still have an amazing brand and anamazing number of unique users so you can’t take anything away from them. Weall know, however, that if you make people click 2-3x as much that opens thedoor for someone else to come in with a better/more efficient service (thinkweb-mail before GMAIL).

Ever wonder why MySpace hasn’t made their pages more AJAX-y??? Answer: becauseAJAXkills your traffic–at least in the short term.

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