Earthday, GreenWeek, and extending our brands (AutoblogGreenlaunches!)

Going to work for a big company gets a really bad rap I’m startingto learn. Everyone keeps telling me that my brain is going to turnto mush if I stay at AOL too long. The opposite has happened–it’snow month and I have to say I’ve learned a heck of lot.

One of the big lessons I’ve learned is from JonMiller, who’s always talking about extending our brands. It’ssomething we’ve started to take really, really seriously here atWeblogs, Inc. You maybe have noticed that Joystiq has spun off five niche sites, and that Engadget spun out Engadget Mobile.

Today we take another big step in extending our Autoblog franchise with a blogdedicated to hybrid cars and technology.

We’ve launched AutoblogGreen in conjunction with AOL’s “Green Week” andEarthday (Green Week ishappening all over AOL: autos, blogging,finance, etc).

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