The Digg Backlash (or when the wisdom of crowds turns into the madness of the masses)

Update: DIGG did the right thing and turned a bunch of spammers off. The spammers are upset–total non-issue. Rock on TeamDigg… and don’t let the bastards get you down!

Gosh I love/hate the blogosphere… Mena was right, you’re all a bunch of #$%@#$% and we should all just be @#$%@$#% nice to each other! 🙂

Today’s candidate for hate: Digg!!!

It’s funny… the reward for being successful in the blogosphere is now pure hate (check Scoble, Gawker, Engadget, MySpace, etc). The Internet industry used to be competitive, but because the freak contingent didn’t have blogs you could basically ignore them.

Today, as a startup, the freak contingent (aka haters) can take over your life if you let them. They bait you all day long, they look for your weak spots and attack them, and the facts are–of course–secondary to the splashy headline. Anything social runs the risk of being taken over by the bastards… look at Wikipedia. It’s becoming a field day for flammers, haters, stalkers, and freaks. The whole thing is on the verge of coming apart. It’s total chaos.

To be honest… I kind of like.

These freaks are the best focus group you could ever have, and frankly people are learning who the freaks are who the cool people are. I don’t know all the details of this case, but we all know DIGG does have some issues. Anyone doing something innovative is going to have problems.

The “wisdom of crowds” quickly becomes “the madness of the mob” in this world. DIGG is learning the hard lessons around these issue and they’re are going to be just fine. However, they are going to be *first* (along with Delicious) to many of the mistakes… the person who makes the mistakes first tends to win. Finding the right solution is often a process of elimination–and you eliminate based on your mistakes.

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