NYT is wide and very bloggy; Open UFGs are really closed–yeah right; Meetup is amazing; Jarvis gets it right; Mozzila @ 8; Clooney v. Denton

  • Wow… the NYT is really wide–like 975 pixels wide! Very nice job Martin! Anil says the new, New York Times site is very bloggy. More on the design here. Loving the widescreen sites… I’ve got two 24″ Dells right now, and I’ve got a 30″ on the way.
  • Paul says my open UFGs have an agenda… of course they are *open*, anyone can participate, and they have comments. Note: he turned off posts on his post criticizing me—hello?! Seriously folks, how could a focus group be more fair than if it is 100% open and anyone can participate. This is the thing I hate about the blogosphere… folks attack you for everything you do without ever thinking about it.
  • Meetup is amazing… you can’t understand how powerful the idea is till you show up at a random park in L.A. and there are 20 bulldogs running around in a circle. Seriously, I liked Meetup since it started, but I thought it was for folks without a life. Now I realize that everyone, on some level, needs to “get a life” and Meetup is the best way to meet like-minded people in person. Second Life is a red herring, Meetup is the real deal. OMG… I just had the merger concept of the millenium: Meetup Second Life=Total Life. Imagine if my Bulldog Meetup yesterday had an online component for folks outside of LA!
  • Jeff nails it: “Politics are changing not because those in power are learning to use these tools but because the people finally have these tools.”
  • Sopranos is getting better… thank God Tony’s awake.
  • Eight years of Mozzila goodnews…. congrats!
  • Clooney vs. Denton… Denton is a genius… he baited the trap and he got the big fish–GC, you just gave him $1M in free publicity!
  • You know it’s a bubble when…. people open offices in Second Life.

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