Thanks everyone, it’s been great–looking forward to a new adventure at Google!

It’s been great folks, but Google offered me a great job as Chief Marketing Officer. It’s an offer that’s just too good to pass up as you might expect.

My first two hires are Robert Scoble and Jeremy Zawodny who will work as Commander of Misinformation and Director of Busting Chops respectively. We’re also annoucing that we’re buying Gawker Media so we can shut down Valleywag, and so Nick Denton can finally get some GOOG stock and stop complaining about how he almost bought Pyra/Blogger.

It’s been a long strange trip here at AOL for the past four months, and I’ve loved every minute. However, when I couldn’t convince the AOL management team to hold the next offsite at Burning Man I knew my days were numbered. My start date is officially today, April 1st.

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