MySpace cleans up act; PVRs move upstream; Jobs kills Apple’s marketshare; Battelle to Facebook: SELL NOW!

  • On the heals of YouTube cleaning up its act, MySpace will delete 200,000 objectionable profiles. Ross comments on making the Space more advertiser friendly–very, very smart move.
  • The PVR is the network–wow.
  • Apple *desktop* marketshare has been cut in half since Jobs became CEO… misleading headline since Apple is doing better than ever in terms of the overall health of the company. In related note, how would you like to be the CEO of Disney and have Steve Jobs show up at the next board meeting?!?! Oh to be a fly on that wall.
  • John Battelle begs the founders of Facebook to take the money–spoken like a true vet who got hit hard when the bubbles popped. JBAT was at WIRED which had an IPO killed twice, and at the Industry Standard which he says turned down a similar offer (so that means the Standard got a ~1B offer and they didn’t take it…. ouch!). I hear ya buddy… I’ve had three phone calls with entrepreneurs who’ve been offered 5-30M for their startups in the past month. My advice to all of them: sell now, Internet winter is coming. Here is how the conversation went with one of my friends:

Me: “Have you ever sold a company?”

Friend with offer: “No.”

Me: “Do you TKTK million in you bank account right now?”

FWO: “No.”

Me: “Are your parents going to put TKTK million in your bank account any time soon? Do you have a trust fund?”

FWO: “Uhhh… no.”

Me: “Take the money.”

FWO: “But what if I sell to early?”

Me: “Then you’ve done your job. You have three options in life: sell too early, sell exactly at the right moment, or sell too late. You want to be part of the first two groups–not the last group. And, history is the only thing that can tell you if you’re in group 1 or 2. Trust me, I spent my life in group 3, now I’m part of group 1, and maybe some day I’ll be able to join Mark Cuban in group 2. Heck, folks may look back at the blogging movement and say that we were in group #2. It’s a process, and if you’re a first time entrepreneur you take the money and hope the distance between group 1 and 2 isn’t that big. Risk, reward.”

Me (still going): “Trust me, get one under your belt–it changes everything. I get 10 calls a week from VCs asking me to invest in my next company… it’s like the movie business: once you’ve made one movie your chances of doing a second movie go up exponentially.”

[ Note: Mark had a solid sale before he had, so when Microsoft offered him ~$100 for he could walk away from it. That’s the position you want to be in. Having a win under your belt changes *everything.* ]

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