Denton calls out SixApart; Micropayments still DOA; Ross with the checkbook says “wha-wha-what?!?!” to Facebook for $2B; more on Newsvine

  • Denton calls out SixApart. I’m so glad I trusted Brian when he insisted that we create Blogsmith as the foundation of Weblogs, Inc. If we had put our faith in those guys we would still be on blog number 10 or 15–like Nick is!
  • OMG people are still talking about Micropayments 12 years later. It’s not gonna happen people… let it go! Step away from the .01 for this blog post button. The problem with micropayments has always been, and will always be, the psychological torture of making a purchasing decision. It’s hard enough for folks to decided to subscribe to a site or not, you’re gonna have them make a decision on a story by story basis?!?! Get real.
  • My pal Ross says “hello!??!!?” to the “Facebook for $2B” meme. This image says it all.
  • Respek!
  • Everyone has a Bastards of Blogging Card but me. 🙁
  • The always insightful Tristan on Virtual Law… these Second Life folks are a bunch of losers (now, CoH people… well, they’re brilliant).
  • Mark thinks Newsvine is interesting, but way too complicated.
  • Really stupid rule on Newsvine: You can’t link to your own blog posts. Discussion here. Of course, you can take your blog post down from your blog and post it to your Newsvine blog. Yeah… nice try guys, but I don’t think so. It’s my content and it lives on my blog. If my content sucks the community on Newsvine won’t vote for it, so stop with the heavy handed stuff. Also, on a totally pragmatic basis, I could just have my friends link to my content or create an alias and post my stuff. Bad call.

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