WTF 2.0, get well soon Charlie, Gotham Gal does Sun Valley, The Palace 2.0, Dave Winer style

  • RB beaks down the Web 2.0 meme: “The worst thing about all the Web 2.0 hype is the complete loss of business perspective. There’s a few companies out there that seem to get it but just about every other new website I’ve seen lately is nothing but features parading as businesses. Sure, these guys get to be entered in the “Flip It Quick Acquisition Lottery”, but beyond that, none seem to be creating anything of any real value.” I gotta agree with Russ… there are a lot of folks out there burning through a lot of angel money thinking they are the “Flickr of…” or “Weblogs, Inc. of..” but they don’t seem to have any focus on the bottom line. At this point I’ve officially upgraded my Bubble Indicator(TM) from “frothy” to “bubbly.”
  • Feel better buddy.
  • Gotham Gal hit Sun Valley for the first time… and loved it. Spent some time there a couple of years ago and loved it. Hey Slashfood and Gadling… get her some link love!
  • The Palace web 2.0 style–somewhere Mark Jeffrey is smiling (Hive7). I built something like this for AOL’s Greenhouse/GNN called “Restaurant City” with Barry Wine. We used Udi Shapiro’s Virtual Places software. VP was an amazing piece of technology… you could put 10 people in a bus and go surf the web together, taking turns driving. It was sick… AOL turned it off, Udi bought it back, and it was never seen again.

(PS – What do you guys think of these short, quick hit posts I’ve been doing. I’m enjoying doing them because it gives me the ability to touch on a lot of things without having to write a huge essay… and yes, I’m ripping off Dave Winer’s style :-).

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