Austin BBQ, MySpace Killers, YouTube cleans up its act, Best BBQ in L.A.

  • Fixing Time Warner… according to Business 2.0 (a TimeWarner publication 🙂
  • Was in Austin yesterday for three huge sales/partner meetings.. they all went very well. Of course, the big news is that we grabbed lunch at Pok-e-Jo’s and for dinner (four hours later) I grabbed a brisket sandwich at the Salt Lick at the airport. Thanks to everyone who made the recommendations in the comments.
  • In the real world people die. In the real world people kill other people. Some of those folks have MySpace pages that are now memoralized at I give give it 30 days before some reporter says “The MySpace deathcount is at 137” or “There are now 34 murderers on MySpace.” In a related story: there have been “72 New York deaths” this week, and there are “57 Los Angeles Murderers” so far this year.
  • Google/AOL deal is done, but Google isn’t done raising money.
  • YouTube is cleaning up its act: “we’re constantly trying to balance the rights of copyright owners with the rights of our users.” Smart move for them to limit the length of videos… now, how about they do a search for SNL and Chappelle and just turn off the videos they know are not thier property? Why don’t they let ABC and NBC executives go into the system and turn off content they know is being stolen? That is the ultimate solution… that is what I would do. Also, if you let someone at NBC turn off stuff themselves they can’t complain about you not doing it fast enough, and you can track what they turn off so they don’t do something fishy (like turn off competitors shows). If they abuse this abiity to turn off stuff you take away their account.
  • Question: What are the best BBQ joints in Los Angeles?

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