Spiers starts up this week…

I targeted three people to blog for us when we started WIN: Peter Rojas, Malcolm Gladwell, and Elizabeth Spiers. Peter signed up, Gladwell wasn’t into blogging (at the time), and Spiers told me she was done with blogging. She made the Gawker brand before disappeared at New York Magazine for a while . Then she doubled MediaBistro‘s traffic *instantly* with her FishBowl series of blogs (you can check the Alexa charts on that one).

Now she’s about to launch her own Weblogs, Inc/Gawker.. the first blog is called DealBreaker and IWantMedia interviews her about it today. In the interview she calls out Denton’s publishing philosphy: “Turn up the level of harshness and make it meaner, and people will pay more attention.”

Anway, if I could buy stock in a person I would buy EZSP… (insert Jim Cramer’s back-up the truck sound from Mad Money).

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