China and the Internet–Wednesday night in LA

This event is gonna be great…. anyone coming?

Wednesday, March 22, 7:00pm
The Home of Lawrence Bender
Bel Air, CA


Speakers: Jonathan Zittrain, Scott Moore, Jason Calacanis, Stephen Hsu, Jeff O’Brien

image The Internet has created an unparalleled crisis for totalitarian and repressive regimes worldwide. While China can bully American search engine companies into censoring results, the U.S. gov’t is censoring left-wing news sources from troops in Iraq. But as with all technology there is a cat-and-mouse game using new tools and techniques to censor and subvert censorship: all made by U.S. companies. What responsibility does a U.S. company have in selling software to repress foreign citizens? Will new U.S. laws regarding China kill American access to the world’s largest economy? Join us as five of the world’s foremost Internet experts examine the censorship issue and how it could affect our lives.

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