Natalie Raps, and the door slams shut on YouTube

Well, that took about what… three months? SNL has the Natalie raps Digital Short out the week after it aired.

The “what does SNL expect?!” excuse that Web 2.0 idiots keep spewing just went out the window. What does NBC expect? They expect to make money off their own content–not have YouTube put Google Adsense against it and make money while they sleep!!!

What next, are the Web 2.0 losers going to say that because NBC doesn’t have an RSS feed yet that it’s ok to steal their content? Please.

You take copyrighted clips out of YouTube and it turns into a never-ending version of Americas Funniest Home videos. Is that valuable? Perhaps. However, YouTube’s traffic would be cut in half–if not by 90%–if the copyrighted content was removed.

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