Mozilla Corporation on the “Firefox made $72M last year” meme — not right, but not that wrong.

Chris Blizzard is on the board of Mozilla Corporation has posted to his blog saying that the dollar amount is “not correct, though not off by an order of magnitude.”

Spoke with someone todat at eTech who said they were told that the Mozilla Foundation had to create Mozilla Corporation because a non-profit can not have all their money come from one donor (in this case Google) or the non-profit looks like a front. That’s the best explination I’ve heard so far.

Now, it is important to understand that Mozilla (corp and foundation) is staffed by a ton of great people and there is nothing shady or underhanded going on here. All the IP and money from the Corporation flows into the non-profit. There’s not going to be a big IPO and the staff at Mozilla doesn’t have stock options or anything like that (from what I’ve been told).

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