Wirless versions of our blogs… the advice comes in!

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Got some great comments on my last posts asking what we should do with our blogs in terms of wireless users.

Seems move folks think we should just make a light version of our blogs (i.e. one column, headlins only on the top level, etc) and just let folks at them. Also, many pointed out that RSS-enabled phones are going to landing all this year, so there is no need for all these mobile companies who promise to bring your site online today.

In terms of monitization it seems that Javascript ads (i.e. DoubleClick or Google Adsense) are turned off on most people’s phones, so we’re gonna have to come up with some other model for advertising (or have no advertising for now–which seems fine, we did that with RSS till Google Adsense for RSS came online).

Anyone know of a Google Adsense for Mobile Phones?!!??

Which publisher is doing the best Mobile content right now?
Is there anyone we should partner with for distribution do you think? (seems like no one has a large base of users right now anyway).

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