AOL does the right thing in email–AS IT ALWAYS HAS! (or was never an issue and will never be an issue)

AOL has been doing the right thing since day one with email, and today we responded to the total non-sense of this DearAOL that is *claiming* we’re going to do an email tax someday.

The day AOL does something stupid like make a non-profit pay to reach their members is the day I and the other senior managers would walk out the door–for real.

I talked to everyone involved here–and we are real humans btw–and everyone was shaking their head when this protest started. We are committed to our *members* above all else and with email we are fighting to protect their inboxes–just like everyone else doing email.

Blocking non-profits is not in the best interest of our users so we would *never* do that–and we never did!

Just because we offer for-profit companies the ability to certify their *opt-in* email for a small fee doesn’t mean we’re blocking everyone else. Hello?!?!?! We’ve said over and over again we are not getting rid of our enhanced white list and everyone keeps saying we are. The world is watching us, we’re good people, and we want to do the right thing–like we always have!

It’s amazing to me–but nor surprising after reading Scoble for so long–how so many folks say you’re guilty just because you’re a big company. How can you attack us saying we *might* some day do the wrong thing when for well over 10 years we’ve always done the *right* thing?! This is very Minority Report-ish.

Judge us on our track record with email: we’ve always put the interests of users first. We’ve NEVER done the wrong thing with email.

Also: Google turns off images by default btw… where is the big GMAIL protest? What a double standard. [Note: I agree that images should be turned off by default for unverified email senders because of all the porn sent to users including kids and people at work… it’s one-click to turn the images back on–big deal. ]

Anyway, back to work, and if anyone ever has a problem with something AOL does just email me or post it in the comments. I’ll make sure we do the right thing–which we probably are.

Consider me the AOL Ombudsman from this point going forward… anyone else got a complaint? The comments are open… let’s put everything out on the table.


No Requirement, Ever, For Not-for-Profits to Pay For Delivery of Email To AOL Members

Dulles, Virginia – Friday, March 3, 2006 – America Online, Inc. today announced that it is offering not-for-profit organizations two new ways of meeting their needs to have email delivered to AOL members to more securely deliver email messages. Under either option, qualifying not-for-profit organizations – and qualifying not-for-profit advocacy organizations will receive the full functionality of AOL‘s email system, including having images and web links enabled in mail, and delivery to the email inboxes of AOL members, at no charge to either the sender or the recipient.

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