1996 or 2006?

Today when I picked up the New York Times and read this story I checked to see if the date was 1996 or 2006. Which of these quotes is funnier/scarier?!?!?

“I now get excited about user-generated content the way I used to get excited about thinking about what television shows would work,”


“I didn’t fully appreciate what success in this medium is really going to look like. This is not about creating one-off hits like in my old business. That is not going to create a sustainable competitive advantage over the long term.”

Note: This is not a disparaging commentary, but rather an observation on the quotes. For background: now that I’m a corporate citizen I’m not supposed to talk disparagingly about executives at other companies–so this is a CYA disclaimer. Please don’t fire me 🙂

Note2: Rafat is having a field day with these comments as well.

Note3: Fred is enjoying being right–again. Come on Fred, having a leg up on this guy is like beating a sixth grader one-on-one. 🙂

Update: Henry breaks it down: “The Internet industry experimented with “shows” back in the Dark Ages (1995), and immediately abandoned them–because Internet users don’t want to watch “shows.” So Braun’s background, and plans, seemed cause for alarm.”

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