Fire Dolan

Being a Knick fan this year has been really depressing. We’ve got the worst record we’ve had in decades and we are one of the two worst teams in the league. Since we’ve got the highest payroll in the league and we’re the *New York* Knicks this is a spectacular achievement.

Very few people could create the worst team in the league with Larry Brown as coach and Stephon Marbury as the point guard.

These players have nothing to do with the Knicks that I became addicted to in the early 90s. Back then we had one very understated star in center Patrick Ewing surrounded by a bunch of blue collar players like Starks, Oakley, Mason, and Harper. Even the 2.0 version of that team that incorporated folks like Larry Johnson, Allen Houston, and Latrell Sprewell, were hard working. Both groups made it to the finals based on defense, hustle, and passion.

I used to wonder what it was like to be a Dallas Maverick or Clipper fan back then. Now Mark has Dallas ranked as the number one team and it feels like it’s their year, and the Clippers are doing amazing behind very-Knick like players like Cassell.

When the season started I thought that Larry Brown and Stephon Marbury both had too much at stake to not make their relationship work. I think I was right, in that they both had a lot at stake. Brown is under the scrutiny of his contract and how he left Detroit, and Marbury being on his 28th team in five seasons–the 27 other teams got better when he left (<–joke).

The big problem with the Knicks is their owner James Dolan who was given his job by his daddy.

When I was at CES this year one of my AOL counterparts pointed out Dolan in a crowd and my gut told me to confront him–then I remembered I was wearing an AOL pin. I didn’t want to embaress my fellow AOLers by ranting to him about what an idiot he’s been–constantly pushing out talented people and replacing them with over-paid saviors. Creating a culture of back room dealing and string pulling. He should have listened to Checkets when he told him to rebuild, and that rebuilding should have started with letting Ewing’s contract run out.

Sure, Dolan’s spent the money–but that’s Cablevision’s money, not his! He’s spending the money of cable subscribers to fund this floundering effort.

Dolan going to visit the Knick on their road trip telling them to shape up is a farce–he’s created this mess!

Dolan: Sell the team.

I know I speak for all Knicks fan when I say we all hate you and want you to go.

[ Note: Some day I’ll buy the Knicks, and when I do we’ll get it done blue-collar style–that’s my dream, that’s my delusion. ]

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