Congrats to Shawn

Shawn Gold and I have been friends since the earliest days of Silicon Alley (I met him right before I started the Silicon Alley Reporter) back in 1996, and have had the time of our lives working together of the past year. So, it’s with a heavy heart that I have to say goodbye to him as he moves on to his next gig.

When I talked to Shawn Gold about coming to Weblogs, Inc. over a year ago he was looking at joining this new company MySpace. Shawn had previously been the president of Intermix which was the parent company of MySpace, so it was a natural place to go. However, for some crazy reason he came to work with us at Weblogs, Inc. and you guys all know the rest of the story.

In his year at the company he got Volvo to become the first major sponsor of podcasting (and than vlogging), created Focus Ads where bloggers could comment on advertising, and pioneered the adver-post concept. Shawn is the best guy you could ever work with, and his work ethic is disguised behind an easy going charm and wit that I convinced is one of the main reason why so many advertisers tried advertising on our blogs.

Anyway, Shawn’s going to be moving on to work with Ross and Chris over at the most excellent…. we wish him all the best. Thanks for the dedication and good times pal… make sure you put me on the MySpace party list +1!!!

[ More at Shawn’s blog ]

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