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The best way to contact me is via email at jason at calacanis dot com. If you’ve got a business proposition please be blunt and to the point with me and I’ll respond as quick a I can.

I don’t like talking on the phone that much, and I don’t pick up calls that are not in my address book. I check my voicemail every couple of days. So, if you must leave a message understand it might take some time to get it.

My assistant’s email is: admin (at)
My office phone is: 310-593-6151
My cell phone is: 310-456-4900

You can find me on the following social networks:


My mailing address is:
Jason McCabe Calacanis
902 Colorado Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90401

14 thoughts on “Contacting Me

  1. Hey Jason, Love you on TWIT, in fact haven’t heard you for a

    while there, hopefully soon? FYI: Your “MyPodcast” link is

    not working. Would like to hear more of you so hopefully

    you’ll fix the link soon?



    Hmm, having a problem posting too. Here’s the error:

    This error (HTTP 500 Internal Server Error) means that the website you are visiting had a server problem which prevented the webpage from displaying.

  2. Hi Jason,

    Excellent article with Startup Depression. As the owner of a
    small interactive shop, your post hits home big time and I
    wanted to say thanks for bringing a nice dose of perspective.

    Anxiety and uncertainty certainly runs rampant and I truly
    appreciated your post.

    Take care,

  3. Jason,
    Would you like to consider the possibility of offering Mahalo
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    The questions would cover any health and medical topics,
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    Our company would offer Mahalo subscribers a reduced rate
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    Please let us know if you are interested!

    Steve C Wilson
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    PS: Sorry, I think that I also sent this message to another
    area of your blog.

  4. I listen to Twit. I am amazed at how
    out of touch with humanity you are.
    for example, I hear you brag about an
    expensive car for months then i hear your
    laying people off. Your personality is of the old
    capitalist guard, and the future world has no room for such
    business leaders.

  5. I am the first instructor in the country teaching podcasting at a college level. I have formed a company called The Poducator. Please contact us; we would love to help your blog succeed. Best, Rita

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    You seem to be a guy that can get things done. But yet there
    is a problem with reliability of people receiving viewing
    your content. I’m very mobile and use a variety of internet
    points of connection and have found it a problem with scoble’s
    feed as well. Maybe it’s just me but i dought it. By the way,
    dug your movie with Josh Harris. Saw it at Sundance.

  8. I’m glad I’m not the only one who does not like talking on phones…

    Dateline NBC 5/10/09: Jason said: ” I bought two of them [Tesla Motors
    Model-S Sedans]. One for my wife and one to give away on my website.”

    Tesla Motors Model-S Sedan:

    So, Jason, where do we find out more about your Tesla Model-S vehicle giveaway —
    which the car isn’t available until 2011, but… why not plan early? 😉

    I searched your site and there was only 1 “Tesla” result re: the unveiling of the
    Model-S in April ’09.

    What does one have to do to qualify for the giveaway?

    My Dad is an FCV nut, says he has 20 patents (in his head so far) for FCVs… 😉
    but I like the idea of electric cars better.

    But how will electric cars be charged up should there ever be an EMP attack
    and there’s no more electricity? (seriously…)

  9. Love your video podcast especially the one that had your pit bulls
    in it. You entertaining as well as informative. It also
    motivating for me I always get a charge after watching your
    show. I recommend a entrepreneurs watch your show. I learn
    something every time. I have a project that a client has that
    awesome its like google on crack. My email is

    Bernard Savage CEO and Founder of

  10. Jason,

    Can you get my friend Leonard wants to join a poker tour. I
    have Twitter’d you, email’d you and I am posting this message.

    Please reply!

    This is not a joke, spam or trick. If you can share your
    experiences with me so I can share them with Leonard or are
    willing to talk to Leonard personally so he can cut through
    the BS and get on a good poker tourney. I have explained
    most of the situation in my other messages. He is not looking
    for any secrets. He has his own game plan and can sign up on
    his own. Is there any way he can make himself stand out from
    the many that apply? Are there promoters to stay away from?
    Are there junior leagues he should stay with?



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