Jasons schedule, speaking gigs, meetings, etc.

If I agreed to speak at your event or be at a event and it’s not below let me know… I don’t have an exec. assistant and some things have slipped…

Feb. 1st 2006: SIAA Information Industry Summit 2006.

  • Top Ten Trends Panel with John Patrick (one of the smartest folks I’ve gotten to know in the Internet industry… very excited that he asked me to speak on this panel!).

In NYC Feb. 1st to 4th

Feb. 5th 2006: Speaking gig @ iMedia Summit in Florida.

Feb. 6th 2006 Back in LA
In NYC Feb. 24th-27th

April 4th: Wash, D.C.: Knicks at Wizards with Ted

May 9-12th: E3 Video Game Conference, Los Angeles.

May 17-28th: Cannes Film Festival, France. (maybe)

May 30th – June 1st: D Conference, SoCal.

(2005 schedule after the jump–dang, I took a lot of flights in 2005… my goal is to cut travel in half in 2006).

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