And finally… a rainy day in LA.

One of things I miss most about being in NYC is the weather.

I know most folks move to LA for the weather, and I can confirm first hand that walking your dog on Christmas eve in your shorts and a tshirt is great, but I miss the rain and snow. Today it’s overcast and raining in LA. I loved these days in NYC. I’d go running in the rain, or head over to 23rd street to catch a movie. Sometimes when it would snow I’d hit Pastis for three hours of steak and eggs, the New York Times, and some table hopping. That would of course come after three hours of playing basketball at the Chelsea Piers.

Moving to LA takes a lot of adjusting for life-long New Yorker–I’d be lying if I said I was full adjusted. Most people would agree with that (hey, wait a second… I oughta…)

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