Lookin for an Executive Assistant/Admin/Researcher in Santa Monica

I haven’t had an executive assistant since the Silicon Alley Reporter days. Back then my office would get 50-200 calls a day (this was the dotcom boom) and I had not one, but two, amazing admins (Heather and David–dang I miss and love you guys!). I was traveling five times a month and had a half dozen meetings a day, so it was essential.

Since then I’ve been doing everything myself, but now that I’m at AOL the madness has started. I’m getting pulled into meetings, phone calls, and traveling like mad. So, it’s time for me to get an executive assistant again.

I’m looking for someone in/around Santa Monica/Beverly Hills who can help me and my team with the basic stuff like schedule, travel, and expenses, but who is also good at research. I’m big on research, data collection, etc. You’ll be working directly with me, but I’m not in the office that much so you’ll be left largely to your own devices.

Great salary, lots of flexibility (I’m not a clock punching kind of guy), 10 million free hours of AOL a month, access to a crazy rolodex, great references for a lifetime if you do a good job (my references for my former staff are legendary, as I told Yahoo recently about a former SAR-staff “BLANKS amazing–he’s a star–just hire him, there’s really nothing to discuss”), and of course the amazing AOL benefits package (it really is amazing).

If interested send me your resume and references to jason at calacanis dot com.

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