We did it! (or Turning your biggest weakness into your greatest strength)

We’ve had two long, frustrating years of servers going down.

It’s been painful as Brian and I have had heated discussions (we don’t really fight) over and over again about it. It’s been the biggest bone of contention for me and a major stress point for our business–we do everything else perfect, why can’t our servers be perfect?!!?!?!?

The truth is Brian and I have just never been good at keeping servers up for whatever reason. Part of this was we used Microsoft server software not Linux (we’ve since made the switch), and of course the fact that Mac folks are total freaks who sit there and hit the refresh key 10x a minute during the Steve Job keynote doesn’t help.

Last week we were up and running for all of CES (unlike last year as some of you old-school folks remember), and today–just hours ago–we passed the second test: the Steve Jobs Keynote. With hundreds of thousands of page views over an hour our servers looked like we were about

This is all thanks to the hard work of Brian’s team–including Gavin, Alex, and 394 people at AOL’s server farm. They really did it…. we stayed up, and we were fast–like Google fast!

One of the best feelings in business/life is to turn your biggest flaw into your biggest strength. That’s one of the things I love to do… figure out what we really suck at and figure out how to make that the thing we’re best at (I’m going to come up with a term for it). We just did that: three months ago our server skills were the worst in the industry, now our server skills are second to none.

OK, enough kudos… let’s fix the next thing! 🙂

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