Steve Jobs keynote starting up…

Update 9:37AM: The servers went out–or pehaps our network–for a minute or two there, but we’re still up. If you’re pounding on your F5 key you might have problems, you might not. Memcache seems to be doing a really good job so far.
Update 9:41AM: Turns out peeps at the AOL server farm set us up to serve a max of 15k pages a minute–sounds reasonable, however we’re doing over 61k pages a minute right now!
Update 9:45AM: TUAW is doing their own discussion of the SteveNote live coverage–how meta.
Update 9:46AM: We just hit 87K pages a minute.
Update 10AM: Engadget Japanese is getting in on it.
Live coverage of Stevenote here.

We’ve got like 30 servers now, so it will be interesting to see if we go down (or slow down) today from the crush of Mac freaks hitting the F5 key–have at it folks! (On a side note, we never got past 4% server capacity during all of CES, and we did like 2-3x the traffic last week–great job Brian & Co.!).

Starts at 9:00AM Pacific / 12:00PM Eastern at this URL:

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