Some great feedback on Engadget CES coverage…

The feedback is in… (if you know of any other cover dump it in the comments)

Scoble: Anyway, if you really wanted to see the toys, watching Engadget is actually a better way to go. In fact, I was watching Engadget on my cell phone as I was walking around. Well, that and I kept running into the Engadget crew. I ran into Jason Calacanis at one party on Thursday night and he said “did you see that Toshiba Gigabeat?” I answered, no, cause it hadn’t been on Engadget yet.

I wondered why I hadn’t run into any Gizmodo folks. And I realized it’s cause I never have met any of them anywhere else. While Jason and Peter have had public events, and shown up at conferences from Gnomdex to Reboot and had introduced themselves often, I never have met Nick Denton or the crew that does Gizmodo.

Which one do I trust more? Which one do I have more brand affinity to? Which one do I link to more often? That’s right, Engadget, cause I have a personal relationship there.

Jeff Jarvis: “Engadget did a spectacular job covering the Consumer Electronics Show…”, “Inside Engadget’s incredible CES coverage…”, “Pete Rojas et al have done a great job…”

13-yr-old Jake Jarvis: “Engadget’s CES coverage drew me a lot closer to their site than I was before.”

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