CES update… things are heating up!

We are having a total blast at CES… we’ve got around 15 WIN folks here working it, and the results on Engadget, Joystiq, HDBeat and our other tech blogs is really impressive.

My favorites are the live keynote posts. Yesterday I did the photos for the Intel press conference. I have to say it’s much more efficient to just read Engadget’s CES coverage than to sit through these 90 minute press confereces which have–on average–about 5-10 minutes worth of news.

Sir Howard: http://ces.engadget.com/2006/01/05/live-coverage-of-sonys-sir-howard-stringer/
Yahoo+Tom Cruise: http://ces.engadget.com/2006/01/06/live-from-yahoos-keynote/
Intel+Tom Hanks, Danny Devito, Jon Miller (the big boss), and Morgan Freeman (who was hanging out with Peter Rojas!): http://ces.engadget.com/2006/01/05/liiv-coverage-of-intel-keynote/

AOL is doing a great job blowing us out:

You can subscribe to CES alerts by adding EngadgetBot to your AIM and doing subscribe CES (this will give you an IM every time we post a story so hold on!).

All the CES news is in this more dense page if you’re a real tech junkie (if not just go to http://www.engadget.com).

We’re doing video:

We’re doing podcasts:

Live Coverage of Samsung’s Keynote

We elbowed though all the cameras, and past all the hype to find, well, not too much…

Read »

Live coverage of Micheal Dell’s event

Dell’s CEO gets a chance to help clear out the bank for many a low paid geek, as he introduces the much anticipated 3007WFP, a 30-inch-monitor.

Live coverage of the Gates keynote

Gates, of the Bill variety, shows off Vista, the ideal home networking environment for Vista, as well as announcing the Xbox 360 will support an external HD-DVD drive sometime in 2006…

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