Top Ten Podcasts of the year…

This is very nice… someone made a list of the top 10 podcasts of 2005 and my visit to the Web 2.0 show is #8.

#8: Jason Calacanis on The Web 2.0 Podcast – Jason Calacanis is a riot. Those of you who heard his keynote at the Portable Media Expo know what I’m talking about. Calacanis is both funny and blunt and never lacking for an opinion. His interview on the Web 2.0 Podcast is a prime example of this. He covers a lot of ground including LAN parties, Technorati bombing and of course the recent acquisition his company, Weblogs Inc., by AOL. I’d love to hear a lot more from Calacanis. Since he has a little more time on his hands these days maybe he’ll start podcasting?

Oh yeah… part two of the interview is here:

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