The Internet Kills Networks? The latest Jarvis-ism.

I’m so tired of Jeff Jarvis claiming to be a huge expert on blogging. What has Jeff done to become such a huge expert on bloggging? Sure, he runs a decent personal blog, and has done so for a long time? However, Jeff is tapped as this expert on the business of blogging and he’s never made any money from blogging (except maybe what paid him).

Anyway, today’s latest Jarvis-ism is “the Internet kills networks.” (you can read the last one) Now, Jeff has always restated this to say that the Internet kills *closed* networks. Which is just as wrong.

If the Internet kills closed networks why hasn’t the Internet killed IGN, Gawker, CNET, or Weblogs, Inc? If the Internet kills closed networks why are MySpace, and LinkedIn doing so well?

People like *controlled* networks. The whole word closed is loaded. Jeff’s website is “open” but Gawker and WIN are closed? How so? Why, because we are a group of sites that create more content and get more traffic then you do?

Now, for background: It was reported for a long time that Jeff was going to launch a blog network and compete with Nick and I. In fact, Nick used to always try and pump me for info on Jeff and his plans (I never had any). Ever since Jeff gave up his dream of starting his own blog network company he’s been player hating the established networks and talking about how there is a better model, yada, yada, yada.

Jeff: the truth is both models work. You can be Gawker/WIN or you can be indie blog and use Adsense/AdBrite. Soon you’ll be able to be somewhere inbetween with Federated Media (another “closed” network).

Also, I wish you would stop being such a player hater. You’ve sat around for almost three years now telling everyone how to run their companies and giving the press sound bites about how things should be. It’s really getting old dude. If you want to talk smack then you should suit up and get in the game. I got no respect for people who tell the working man how to work… especially when it’s from their ivory tower.

Let’s go Jeff… get off the bench and let’s see if you still got game! Start a company and show us all how brilliant you are–or stop talking smack.

Update #1: Jeff says he wasn’t talking about Gawker or WIN in the NPR story about blog network when he said the Internet kills network (yeah right… way to backtrack!). Give me a break Jeff! Just admit you were talking smack in your “I’ve got a gray beard and I’ve been doing this 14 months and 3 weeks longer than you so I know everything” voice.

Update #2: Some folks have corrected me on all the amazing things Jeff has done in the blogosphere in the past three years: 1. he consulted about how to be involved in the blogosphere ( has become such a huge force in the blogosphere of course), 2. at some point Jeff built a local blog network for Nast (which has become such a huge force in the blogosphere, really sticking it to Gothamist and MetBlogs), and 3. Called into Howard Stern. Thanks so much for that update TKTK TKTKTKTKTKT–you made my day.

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