20% growth

We set two basic traffic goals for our bloggers:

1. 20% monthly growth when you have < 1m pages a month.
2. 10% monthly growth when you have > 1m pages a month.

Now, we don’t pay folks to hit those targets or fire folks if they don’t. If we don’t hit a target we look at it as a team and say “what can we do to hit it next month?” Of course, as the traffic goes up across the network we increase rates. However, as I’ve discussed with many folks you don’t want bloggers obsessed with traffic over quality (i.e. you don’t want folks posting the stolen Fred Durst sex tapes or Lindsey Lohen nipslips just to goose pageviews).

Some of our blogs had amazing growth from October to November… here they are:


Vlad and his team at Joystiq are on a mission… 10M pages a month or bust! When you include the spin out sites (PSPFanboy.com and XBOX360Fanboy.com) into these stats they are almost there!

Luxist has just been on fire…. love it!

TUAW (the unofficial apple weblog) is not on sitemeter yet but here is what they did for the last three months:
Sept: 1,005,714
Oct: 1,560,562
Nov: 1,443,982

What’s great about this is that if you were to model 20% growth from September it would look like this

Sept: 1,005,714
Oct: 1,206,857
Nov: 1,448,228

So, TUAW has hit 20% growth… well above the 10% month to month growth we look for after hitting 1M pages. Excellent job guys!

Autoblog took a dip in October but came back way strong in November… can’t wait till this site hits 10M pages a month.

I’ll post some more stats when I have time… and soon we’ll have almost everything on Sitemeter or something similar (wink, wink). Right now I don’t want to put ever stat out there because it gives a little to much of a road map for folks.

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