My new rig

18 months ago I ordered an amazing rocketship of a computer. A small form factor Shuttle put together by a really great company called ABS.

I like to replace my desktop every 12-18 months, and I’m long over due, so I’m again looking for advice from y’all. What computer should I get next? I know I want to gt a bigger computer because I want a) two video cards, b) a RAID setup, and c) massive storage (like a terabyte). I don’t think I can do that kind of a thing in a Shuttle, so I’m going back to the tower.

I’m going to use my old Shuttle as a media server (or maybe put Windows Media Center on it… however, I got to get an HD turner card for it which is a pain in the next).

So, what do you guys think?
Should I get a tower from ABS? Should I get a gaming rig from Voodoo, Alienware, or Falcon (I hear those are $1k extra just for the name!)?

Oh yeah, I want to be able to run three–yes three–24inch monitors off of it. Right now I’m kicking two Dell 2405’s and loving life. I want to move to three so I can be surrounded by them and have IM windows on the left, email in the middle, and side projects on the right.

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