AOL Bloggers

I’m making it my mission to get AOL executives blogging. Right now I know of only one AOL blogger outside of Weblogs, Inc.

Update: Found a bunch of AOLers who blog!

1. Joseph Loong, Sr. Programming Manager, Blogs – AOL Community Location?

2. Dossy Shoibara from AOLServer Title?, Location?

3. Kevin Lawver, “Web Standards Guy” Department?, Location?

4. Jamie Mottra of AOL Sports Location?

5. Mr. Panzer Title?, Department?, Location?

6. Justin, Title?, Department?, Location?
7. Bill Kocik, Engineer, My AOL, Location?
8. Porter Glendinning, Tech Manager in Commerce Location?
9. Cindy Li, Designer Department?, Location?
10. Yoel Crane, Title?, Department?, Location?


12. Greg from AIM

13. Justin Uberti, Chief Architect, Instant Messaging, Dulles, VA


Does anyone know any AOL execs blogging? If so post in the comments.

Also, an open invitation to any AOL exec who wants to blog: I’ll setup, design, and get you a unique domain name for your blog if you start blogging (or just start a Journals blog). Let’s get the word out about all the great stuff going on at AOL! Just ping me at AIM JasonCalacanis.

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