Are we really debating torture?

I tend to stay away from politics on this blog.

It’s not because I don’t have an opinion, but because I find politicians so smarmy in 99% of time. Commenting on the echo chamber of politics seems so futile to me. Talking to these folks is like trying to hold on a conversation with a compulsive liar who stopped taking their A.D.D. medicine. They just bounce from ridiculous point to ridiculous point in an effort to keep people dizzy. The last thing a politician wants is a serious, deep discussion about a singular event or issue–it’s much better to keep things gray.

Reading the news that former officials are claiming that Vice President Dick Cheney gave the green light–or the precursors to a green light–for torture is horrific. Now, I know for folks on the left this claim if true is not surprising at all. The lefties live for this stuff. However, for folks on the right, who many times take the position the administration can do no wrong in war time, this has to be extremely disturbing. No one in their right mind can defend torture.

Now I know both the left and right freaks will come pounce in the comments here about all the little details and syntax of what’s being said. Good for you guys, knock yourselves out. However, I want to remind everyone that America used to be the shinning example of freedom in the world and the fact that we are even entertaining the use of torture is deeply disturbing. The fact that the Vice President is lobbying for exemptions to torture is shocking.

We’re lowering ourselves to the level of the terrorists now. By even discussing this we’re giving the bastards who think that cutting off innocent people’s heads on tape is viable technique for political change the green light.


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