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  • Chris is in Maui and I’m really jealous. I haven’t taken a vacation since Les Blogs 1.0. I need a vacation. I’m burnt out… seriously, I did the AOL deal myself with just one lawyer–no banker! Looking back on it I should have hired one, but it was a great experience to read 400-pages worth of legal documents three times a week for four months. Really, it was great fun… really.
  • Oh snap, I’m speaking at Les Blogs 2.0 in three weeks! This is an amazing conference, run by an amazing guy (Loic.. who I’m gonna try and hire to work on Blogsmith Europe), in an amazing city. Tickets are about to sell out!
  • Can someone explain to me why I should dump all of our content in Google Base? Like, if we put all our reviews from Engadget, Cinematical, and TVSquad will that get us more traffic, or will it just canablize our audience? I mean, I’m sure we could export all the movie reviews from Cinematical into XML and upload them to the Base, but what do we get out of it? Who’s running Google Base anyway? It would be great if Google Base had it’s own blog since the thing is so
  • A lot of really smart business heads, like my peeps Fred and Marc, are starting to get upset with Google. Marc is sort of upset that we live in a world where no ones company isn’t going to be bought by the big five (Y!, Google, AOL, Microsoft, and Newscorp). Hey, Marc… these sellouts don’t need to sell! I mean, if Flickr and Weblogs, Inc. didn’t sell to larger companies they would still be growing. It’s really the choice of the entrepreneurs and their investors to sell–not Google to buy. You have a lot of first-time, second-time entrepreneurs in the game now who just can’t afford to not take an offer from the big five. You’ve hit a couple of home runs, so you can wait it out and compete forever. So, I get where you’re coming from, but let’s not start crying about the fact that folks want to buy promising startups!
  • A lot of folks, like Krukoff and Kukral, are tired of Jeff Jarvis thinking he knows everything and being the PR arm of Gawker Media (how much did he make on that Moreover stock again?). Seriously, I like Jeff, but any time I hear a consultant or professor (and jeff is both!) talk in such absolute tones about what is the right way and wrong way to do things I take it with a grain of salt. Keep in mind that these folks are not running a business, but rather telling those of us who do how to run our own. Frankly, I’m disappointed Jeff never got off the bench and started a company. I would have loved to seen Jeff start a competitor to Gawker and Weblogs, Inc., it would have been so much more interesting to have the three of us fighting it out in the marketplace. Ahhh… what could have been.
    Update: Jarvis says in the comments: “Not only did I make nothing from Moreover, I didn’t get so much as a stinking T-shirt. But I did learn a lot.” Dang! I guess Jeff’s options got washed out by the preferred shares or something like that.
  • Walt HEARTS Engadget… that’s so cool.
  • Nick used to invite me to his parties and we used to be IM buddies…. 🙁
  • I went to the Knicks game last night and sat in the sixth row at Staples Center. The second most expensive seats I’ve ever bought to Knicks game. Let me just say one thing: Lakers fans are lame. They don’t watch the game, they don’t yell and scream, they don’t get out of their seats, they show up in the second quarter and least at the start of the 4th. Horrible fans when compared to the rabid fans at the Garden. At the Garden you can hear people in the 400s’ screaming plays to the coach! At the Lakers game people go to dinner–DURING THE GAME! The place is designed to distract folks from the game. Really sad that such a great arena is wasted on such horrible fans.

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