A final update on Creative-Weblogging stealing our design

Some final thoughts on the whole Creative-Weblogging stealing our design brouhaha from a couple of weeks ago.

1. They’ve since taken down the design and written a hedged apology/explanation. That’s fine, but I think they are full of it and I still think this guy is a clown. In fact, I’ve gotten a number of emails about how there is this group of folks in Germany who just knock of business models from the U.S. in order to flip them and that these guys are part of that group. I have no idea if that is true or not, but if it is I have to say that’s a sad existence for an entrepreneur.

2. Our designer who had his worked lifted has some comments on his blog here and here. Mike makes a lot of good points, and given that he’s the artist having his work stolen I think you should take a look.

3. In terms of all the legal issues associated with web design and how easy it is to copy there is one thing I’ve learned: people who steal other people’s design/work are slime and their punishment isn’t legal, but rather living with the fact that in a medium that allows you to do so much the best thing they can do is copy.

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