The Knicks got their first win tonight and I’m feeling good.

As I’ve been telling folks they should panic about the Knicks 0-5 start. We’ve got amazing players and an amazing coach. The biggest problems we have are a) how to use them and b) getting them in shape.

Tonight we won, and people got a chance to see what this squad can do. Let’s look at the two most important pieces.

First, Eddy Curry. This guy is a great center. He’s clearly top five in the league right behind Shaq, Duncan, and Yao–and he’s only 22 years old! The problem is that he showed up out of shape, and he’s not a half-court center, he’s a running center.

That’s an amazing gift. A center that can’t run the floor (Shaq, Ewing, etc) won’t be able to do so, but a center who’s better on the run can learn to play in the half court. So, we’ll see Curry learn how to work in the half court over the next couple of years. For now he can get the ball on the move.

Steph is a great point guard and this talk of trading him is insane. You’re not going to get any value for him (Jalen Rose??! wha-wha-what?!), and once you do trade him we’ll all be complaining that we don’t have a point guard. Right now we have a top-three point guard and a top-five center. Those are the two most important positions on the floor.

There are plenty of folks who can play the 2, 3, and 4 and we’ve got a ton of them. It’s just a matter of learning who plays good together.

Fact is Stephon is unstoppable. I watch the Knicks on Direct TV so I get to see the local broadcasts not just MSG. Every game you hear opposing broadcasters talking about how the key to the game is controlling Stephon, and not letting Stephon get hot, etc. NY fans don’t get to hear this, but the truth is people run their defenses to stop this guy. He can score at will, and combining him with a center who can score at will is going to make a playoff contender.

We will make the playoffs with this team and we will having a winning record this year.

Those two players are all you need to know.

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