David Carr on bad bloggers who blog on blogs about bad things–they’re not nice!

David Carr writes in the NYT today about bloggers at blogs like Gawker and Jossip for being, for lack of a better word, low rent. He complains about them joking about death, rape, and drug abuse in a very “we’re better, we have morals/ethics” kind of way.

Hello??! Gawker is low rent, it’s supposed to be low rent, and it is popular because it is low rent. However, it is not the model for all blogs or bloggers (most bloggers are not joking about people’s deaths), and no one in their right mind–except maybe you–is comparing Gawker to traditional journalism. Gawker is a farce. It’s like the Daily Show or Chris Rock–it’s supposed to be vulgar and off color. IT’S NOT A NEWSPAPER DESPITE THE FACT THAT IT COVERS THE NEWS! Wake up dude!

I mean, are you going to compare the Nightly News to the Daily Show next? A porno to a Discovery Channel documentary because both are on DVD?

David, let me break it down for you. You saying blogger and blogs is the same as saying people and paper. People can do a lot of things with paper. They can write a novel with paper or they use it as toilet paper–we don’t need you to breakdown the difference between the two.

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