WINStock 2005

One thing I’ve wanted to do since starting Weblogs, Inc. with Brian was have a blogger retreat. Well, this weekend it’s gonna happen… 40 bloggers from around the country–the world in fact!–are coming together for three days of parties, brainstorming, and bonding. We’ve got panels on podcasting, building community, doing features, finding bloggers, and covering events. It’s gonna be great… really looking forward to Jay, C.K., Barb, Ryan, Peter, Shawn, Judith, Karina, and many others sharing what they’ve learned. Really excited to see Brian, Gavin, and Mike show off the latest version of Blogsmith too.

We’ve even invited *select* AOL/TW brass to *observe* the event… which should be interesting. If you work for AOL or TW and are in NYC this weekend and want to come to the event let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

We were going to open this up to the public, and we might do that for the next one, but we had limited space and time this time around. Here’s the badge template… soooo cool!

winstock 2005

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