Two PHP/AJAX developers in Santa Monica

I’ve got a three/four month project I’m working on here in Santa Monica and I need two really smart developers to work with me on it. It’s a PHP/AJAX/BLOG type thing, and if it works out you could wind up being fulltime with a the sweet AOL benifits package (or just keep being a freelance developer if that’s your thing).

If you’re interested and can be in Santa Monica with me a couple of days a week (I’m not huge on the office hours things myself), ping me at jason at weblogsinc dot com. We do have have some really nice office right on 4th and Santa Monica if you prefer that.

Send me some deets on what you’ve done at jason at weblogsinc dot com.

Note: If you forward me someone and we hire them I’ll take you to lunch/dinner and/or buy you an iPod or something like that.

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