Open letter to Adam Curry

OK, this isn’t really an open letter as much as a request: can you please make two versions of the Daily Source Code, one with the mashups/music/promos and one with just you talking about stuff? I tune into your show to hear about what you’re doing and thinking about–not to hear mashups/promos. Sort of reminds me of what Howard Stern went through early in his career when he could mix him talking with playing records. Over time it became clear that the audience want 100% Howard, 100% of the time.

In related news Adam isn’t speaking at or sponsoring the Portable Media Expo which I’m doing a keynote at this Friday, and WIRED wrote some kind of conflict=drama piece about it today. However, Adam says on the Daily Source Code (all the way at the end) that he’s not against the event–he just doesn’t want to drop 30k on a sponsorship when he could drop that on podcasters. Amen brother!

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