Jason handicaps the potential AOL+ [Microsoft/Comcast/Yahoo/Google/etc] deal

I’ve been thinking about doing a post in which I go into details about what I think the pros and cons of the AOL doing a deal with one of the major industry players out there. As we all know it’s been widely reported that TW/AOL has been talking to the major players (i.e. Google, Microsoft, Comcast, Newscorp, Yahoo, etc) over the past couple of months, and I think I’ve got some good insights into how these potential partnerships might look post-deal.

Now, if I wasn’t an TW/AOL employee right now I would have jumped right into it. So, for the first time I’ve stopped myself from blogging something. OUCH! It makes me feel kind of, well, like I’m a… ummm… what’s the word I’m looking for??!? OK, whatever the word is the fact is for the first time I’ve censored myself. I lasted almost exactly one month as an AOL employee before censoring myself.

Now, let’s look at some of the facts:

  1. No one at AOL has told me what to blog, how to blog, when to blog, etc. So, there is zero censorship coming at me from AOL. This is self-censorship–I’m showing restraint (hard to believe I know).
  2. People have been asking me my opinion about this over and over and I tell them in person. So, it’s possible that someone could (or has) blogger my opinion on the subject.
  3. I promised myself I wouldn’t hold back on my blog post the AOL deal, and I am holding back now.
  4. I have absolutely no inside information on what deals are being discussed. Seriously, I’m totally out of the loop. I couldn’t tell anything about these deals. I know as much as I read in the papers.

Will I get fired if I stated my opinion about the potential deals at AOL? I don’t think so, I think they would give me a warning at best. So, part of me is saying “don’t do it Jason… it’s not worth getting call from the top floor.” The other part of me–transparent Jason–is going “do it! do it! do it!”

What do you guys think?

Should I “risk it” and blog about what I think about the potential partners?

Do you think AOL should/will get upset with me if I do a post about my thoughts on the deal?

Does anyone at AOL read my blog and want to give me warning before I have my first major PR screw up as an AOL employee!??!?!?

What would Scoble do?!?!

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