New York Knicks 200/2006 — My Outlook/Live blogging

As everyone everyone knows I’m a die hard Knicks fan (my blog is orange for a reason!). Tonight is the season opener so I figured I would live blog it. Well, sort of live blog it, I’m going to be 10-20 minutes behind the game since I’m working off Tivo. If you want to IM me about this I’m jasoncalacanis on AIM and Yahoo. If you want to comment go for it in the comments. I hope my boy Will Leitch over at Deadspin comes over and comments (especially since we lost him in free agency to team Gawker!). That kid can ball!

Let’s start with the Starting Five tonight.
knicks starting five

Steph: This is gonna be Steph’s best year even if he Larry Brown moves him to shooting guard. Why? Pride. Steph has been written off for years. Everyone thinks he’s selphish and it seems like teams can’t trade him quickly enough. Steph is from Brooklyn (respec) and he has mad pride. He’s waited his whole life to be a Knick and so has his coach Larry Brown. Everything is in place and he’s not going to screw it up. No way. Steph showed great signs of improvement last year, and he’s clearly grown up. His breakdown after Hurricane Katrina, when he donated 500-1M of his own money, says it all. Steph’s a man now, and he’s going to either dominate with assists, dominate in points, or more likely both. This idea that Steph and Coach are gonna but heads is total BS. It’s M.A.D. theory right now–either guy fails they both fail. They both have too much ridding on this and they both love NYC too much to not be selfish at this point. Larry will look like a jerk if he can’t manage the talent and bolts after bolting out of Detroit, and Steph will be written off if he becomes high-maintenance (i.e. Brown will bench him and he will be traded).

What I love most about Stephs game: Driving in the half court set.
Steph is unstopable when he drives the lane. He will get fouled, the basket of both. He alsmot never turns the ball over when he does these iso plays. I can never understand why we don’t run some these plays early in the quarter to get the oposing team over the limit eary. With Eddy Curry and Steph on the same team you can be sure we will be spending a lot of time on the free throw line.
steph drives

Eddy Curry: I wasn’t shocked the Knicks picked up Curry. After all, we’re desperate and the Buls were using his heart condition at least partially as a negotiating tool–I think. However, I am very concerned about him, God forbid, having a heart attack on the court. That would be the darkest day at MSG, and in fact in the history of the NBA because this is a documented problem.

However (second however for those of you counting), it’s his right to play. If he wants to risk it I see that as his right. I’m 5-9″ and 20 pounds overweight and I play with 6’5″ guys in pickup games. It got 15 stiches in my lip six years ago taking a charge in Venice, CA. I could have broken my jaw, I could have crack my skull, or I could have broken my spin. Basketball is not basket weaving–people get seriously hurt.

I’m torn about the issue, so lets talk about his game.

Eddy is agile and he can run. He needs to drop pounds and he needs to get some discipline if he’s going to start playins a) serious minutes and b) in crunch time. He is in the perfect place. Brown is the best teacher in the league and he will inspire Eddy.

eddy curryWhat Eddy needs most?

1. lose the poundage
2. get serious about learning some new moves. I’d like to see a turn around jumper from 10 feet out develop and perhaps some pivots–the jump hook ain’t gonna cut it.
3. staying focused/smart under pressure and when fatigued (after 20-25 minutes Eddy seems to get dull).

Right: Eddy coverts ally from Q with 5:47 left in the 2nd.

5:09 Eddy gets fouled, converts 1/2. This is what I’m talking about!

4:26 T. Arizor comes out of nowhere for the rebound. This guy is an animal… a more durable and better shooting Camby. I love this guy (loved Camby too–nice to see him so healthy in Denver). TA is everywhere and has great judgement for a sophomore. He could breakout this year–big time.

4:20 Curry fouled… again. Missed first shot, hit second.
4:19 Crawford comes in for Steph. He better remember a) he is playing the point and b) we want to play defense this year. I’m not a Crawford fan. I want to be, but he’s not a great shooter and he’s not a great passer–so what is he? a 1.5 guard!? what do we do with that?!

3:24 Q drops another 3… is he 2 for 2 right now? I should open up ESPN’s live stats… hold on I’ll be right back.

2:37 to go and the Knicks play so great D and Boston gets a 24 second violation. I’m starting to remember the old days when the Ewing/Oak/Starks/Mason Knicks would do that a couple of times a game.

Side thought: Does anyone record stats for most 24 second violations forced? I bet

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