I’m in a big building — a very big building.

Today feels like the first day of high school. At this very moment I’m sitting in the cafetera at AOL’s Dulles headquarters having some oatmeal and coffee. Brian, Shawn, and maybe Judith are all on their way here too.

To say it’s strange to go from a 10 person (plus 130 blogger) company to a unit of a company with multiple campuses and huge shopping-mall style parking lots would be an understatement.

Other fun experiences have included filling out a massive employment folder (I left the last three employers section blank-I haven’t worked for someone since 1995) and writing job descriptions for the next half dozen team members (as opposed to hiring folks two weeks after systems have broken down).

Today I’ll be presenting what we do at Weblogs, Inc. to a cross-section of my new AOL peeps in order to see if/how we can work together. Oh snap, that reminds me… I should probably do a Powerpoint or something! Ahhh…. corporate life. 🙂

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