Four mentions in the WSJ today…not bad. :-)

I think we set a record with four mentions in the WSJ today… all four were in the Technology insert. Engadget, Autoblog, and HackADay were all mentioned, as well as a quote from me.

Engadget and Autoblog were mentioned in the story about RSS ads:
Really Simple Sale:

Pheedo places ads in the feeds of such popular sites as Engadget, a blog about gadgets, and Autoblog, a blog about automobiles. The Emeryville, Calif.-based start-up offers three pricing models: An advertiser can pay a flat fee to have an ad appear for a certain period of time; pay a fee each time an ad appears; or pay only when users click on an ad, a system known as pay-per-click advertising.

HackAday in the story about cars:
Highway Hackers:

Another resource, a Web log called, publishes periodic hacking tips for various modes of transport, including cars.One of the site’s innovations, “Dumpnavi,” gives insight into how time-consuming even the most mundane of hack jobs can be. The Dumpnavi program lets owners change the background theme and color for the command screens on a vehicle’s global positioning system. But to get Dumpnavi to work, interested parties need to be able to read a complicated collection of computer code to pinpoint the settings for theme and color. Then they must tweak those codes on a traditional computer and, finally, load them into the car’s computer through the vehicle’s DVD disc drive.

… and I was quoted in the selling your blog story:

“Now you’re seeing the professionalization of the product and they’re starting to generate revenue,” says Jason Calacanis, chief executive officer of blog network Weblogs Inc. in Santa Monica, Calif.

So, if you’re a blogger, could you cash in, and should you cash out? Here are three signs your blog may have what it takes to attract bids from prospective buyers, plus some considerations if you’re mulling a sale.

You have Web cred. If you’re an expert within your industry or passionate hobbyist who can bring insight to a topic – and have the ability to turn a phrase – your musings may attract a buyout offer. Strong traffic to your blog, numerous links to it from other blogs and frequent reader feedback are a few signs your blog is generating buzz that can attract buyers.

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