Week two: something is happening here, but you dont know what it is

Week two has been amazing.

I’m in NYC for one more day, but I wish I could stay for the rest of the month! The integration has been going so smooth that two minutes into these big meetings everyone just looks at each other and says “OK, great idea.. let’s do it!” We then all run back to our laptops and pound out a bunch of IMs and start working.

Everyone told me I would be trapped in meetings for the rest of my lift and our startup sensibility and a large company would be some sort of issue. One of the shocking things for Brian and I was that AOL runs their business just like WIN-on instant messenger!!! So, two weeks ago I had 100 WIN bloggers on my AIM. Now I’ve added 25+ AOL executives (and growing by a couple of day) to my AIM and our little startup company is moving quicker and more efficiently than ever.

Anyway, I could tell you all the amazing things we’re doing or I could just dump in one of 20 screens you could find yourself if you surf around AOL services.

In fact, my peeps at AOL surprised me with this one today… I love it!!! Bring it on! Bloggers on the same level as MSM.

Let’s rock and roll baby!!! Ths is gonna be big.


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