Technorati 100 rebooted…

The Technorati 100 was updatedFINALLYand as you can see Engadget jumped to number two on the list. From what I understand the new index is of just the last 120 or 180 days. So, we’ve seen a bunch of the “old guard” bloggers fall off the listTHANK GOD!

Not that the lists are that important however, I would much rather if we do have a list have it be based not on all-time links but rather the past six months or year. Of course, why not have three or four lists the past year, year to date, all time and past 60 days. This would be amazing of course, no one has done it yet.

I’ve been pitching Technorati on making the list a top 200 or top 500 list they tell me it’s a lot of work to groom that list and that’s why they only do 100 (yeah, right.. you have Yahoo Messenger up there forever dudes!).

My response is open up the top 500 and just tell folks that positions 101-500 have not yet been cleaned up so there will be non-blogs on the list. Put a feedback form that tells folks to alert you that things are spam/not blogslet us do the work for you guys!

Anyway, Technorati is clearly NOT getting a lot of traffic these days. Having Engadget on the home page has resulted inget this616 referrers from Technorati in the past 48 hours.

308 people a day from having link off the home page of Technorati! That’s really nothing.

I figured we would get on the homepage (via the top 100 where they list the first three blogs on the 100 list) and we would get 10,000 folks a day or something.


anyway, I’m happy they’ve updated the list give us more!!!! give us more!!!!

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