Conde Nast breakfast, Engadget meetup, and Nora Ephron and I are making a movie!

The Engadget Meetup was a blast last night 300 folks, 200 shirts, and a ton of give aways!

What really impressedafter OQO giving away an $1,900 handheld computer and Sonos giving away a $1,200 systemwas how passionate the audience was about Engadget. Peter and Ryan did a Q&A session that lasted half an hour or so, and it was clear the audiece was really into the site.

At one point Ryan asked, by a show of hands, how many people listened to the podcast80%+ shot right up (and to prove it was true some folks complained about the audio quality of past showsZING!).

Yesterday was an insane day I got on the red eye from L.A. on Tuesday and thought I would sleep on my way to an 8AM breakfast speaking gig @ CondeNast. Of course, that was before I started watching the almost four hour documentary No Direction Home: Bob Dylan. As most of you know I’m a huge Dylan fan (been to 20+ shows, own tons of boots, etc).

It’s a great documentary, and even at close to four hours it only gets up to Dylan’s motorcycle accident. It doesn’t even touch the 70s and 80s when Dylan did some very interesting work, let alone the past 15 years of constant touring.

The highlight of the documentary is a very lucid Dylan talking about his life. It’s scary, you can actually understand 90% of what Dylan says. Most of his interviews are, well, odd. He doesn’t answer questions in most interviews, and when does say something it’s either meaningless or a riddle.

Now, the breakfast at Conde Nast was amazing. I learned that the secret to blogging was not bathing and working in your robe/PJs till lunch at a minimum. Ken Auletta did a great job, including asking me who was going to buy Weblogs, Inc. I decided I would pull a Bob Dylan and make the Q&A as absurd as possible. So, when he asked who we were selling to I rambled off every major player in the space quickly, paused as he looked to me to see if I was serious, and I dropped it: “in that order.” Of course, some folks picked that up thinking it was serious hahahaha. I love this game. I then said, “but hey maybe we can add another person to that list” and motioned to Steve Newhouse and Norm Pearlstein. It’s becoming clear to me that being a totally up front, transparent CEO is either a brilliant marketing strategy or I’m the total laughing stock of the media industry doesn’t really matter to me either way, since like Dylan (with .1% of his talent) I’m just persuing my muse and letting everyone else paint the picture of who I am.

Now, on to the good stuff

The image Nora Ephrona really cute blogger for the Huffington Post liked how I was dressed. I thought this was pretty cool since I was going for a Tom Hanks over-confident, yet lovably flawed executive in “You’ve Got Mail!” vibe and she totally took the bait!!!

(Side note: I knew she was important when she was the only person in the room wearing sunglasses. In L.A. half the room would have had sunglasses on, and none of them would have been important. however, in NY you only get away with that look if you really *are* important, otherwise someone would come up to you and say “take those off, you’re not famous”).

(Side note two: Nora seems to be a huge flirt during the talk I was sure she was making goo-goo eyes at me while playing with her glasses and hairdropping in a raised eyebrow or sultry smile at just the right time. What a let down to read in her column/blog post that she was probably flirting with Ana Marie Cox! Can’t say I blame her Ana’s “I’m just blogger in my pajammas drinking all day long while poking fun at the world” is much more appealing then my “hungry media mogul from the streets of Brooklyn” vibe.)

Anyway, I can just see it now in a couple of more days Norah’s people will call and explain that she wants to make me a character in a new romantic comedy based on blogging. It’s the story of a dotcom blog publisher who learns to love his softer side by trading barbs with a hard ass female blogger based on Ana (who really does hate me). She constantly sticks it to him for being a sell-out blogger-turned-capitalist, he keeps trying to hire her. Finally she gives in and takes the job to put her daughter through private school, but she makes a point of making his life a living hell. It backfires HE LOVES IT!!! She’s the first person to put him in his place!

After clashing with each other for months they realize that they actually have a lot to learn from each other. She’s putting money into her 401k and he’s started blogging again!!! Plus, his dog loves her *and* her daughter loves him! (Insert a montage of him taking the daughter to the park while she gives the dog a much needed bath.. cue a foot taping, cheesy 80s love song). She reshapes his media empire and he learns to let go of some control. They both starting taking showers before 9AM! He also provides her with a private jet and a 24-hour driver, teaching us all that it’s possible to have everything: integrity, the spoils of selling out, andof courselove!

How great would it be if I could leverage this blogging thing into a movie career?!? I mean if Nora can use her movie career to get into blogging it’s possible right??! Hello?! Is this thing on!??! Did anyone make it to the end of this post?! Alright, I’ll shut up now and go back to work.

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