In NYC for five hours tomorrow, then San Fran for 12 hours

OK, this is probably the craziest travel thing I’ve every done. I’m getting on the red eye tonight from Los Angeles to New York’s JFK. I land at like 6:30AM, at which point I’ll race into the city for a speaking gig at Conde Nast with Huffington, Ken Auletta, and Anne Marie Cox of Wonkette. That goes from 8AM till 10:30AM.

I’ll then race to Newark airport and get on an 11:50AM flight to go to San Francisco for the Engadget Meetup (deets here: ).

Thankfully I’ll stay over in San Fran before coming back to Santa Monica I’m trying to figure out if I should take a nap now or try and sleep on the plane. ugh.

The worst thing about the CEO slot is that you have no choice but to be at everything. Once I get this trip done I’ll be doing the EXACT same thing next week: flying to NYC on the 4th, speaking at We Media (with Al Gore on my panelwhich is very cool of course), then getting a flight to San Fran to spend two days at Web 2.0 (although I’m not speaking at Web 2.0 I tired. Maybe next year!).

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